Mozilla.organs Answer BetaNews Questions

Thursday April 13th, 2000

BetaNews has placed online Mozilla developers' responses to questions posed by BetaNews readers. Leaf, Dan Veditz, Eric Krock, and others participated.

#1 SVG

by leafdigital

Thursday April 13th, 2000 6:39 AM

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Cool, they included my question (re SVG and embedded fonts).

Though I'm obviously depressed at the lack of embedded font support/commitment (especially as IE does this so well), the news on SVG was rather encouraging.

Code is checked into the tree? Does anybody know anything about this - is it very rudimentary, or is it actually on the way to being usable (so that it could be included in builds)? Are there any estimates for when it'll get here? (For example, I assume it will miss Beta 2 / NS 6.0 final release, but might it be around for 6.1 or do we have to wait for 7.0? :)