Mozilla.organs Answer BetaNews Questions

Thursday April 13th, 2000

BetaNews has placed online Mozilla developers' responses to questions posed by BetaNews readers. Leaf, Dan Veditz, Eric Krock, and others participated.

#1 SVG

by leafdigital

Thursday April 13th, 2000 6:39 AM

Cool, they included my question (re SVG and embedded fonts).

Though I'm obviously depressed at the lack of embedded font support/commitment (especially as IE does this so well), the news on SVG was rather encouraging.

Code is checked into the tree? Does anybody know anything about this - is it very rudimentary, or is it actually on the way to being usable (so that it could be included in builds)? Are there any estimates for when it'll get here? (For example, I assume it will miss Beta 2 / NS 6.0 final release, but might it be around for 6.1 or do we have to wait for 7.0? :)


#2 Re: SVG

by unapersson

Thursday April 13th, 2000 8:54 AM

I assume they'll be waiting until SVG is a final recommendation. At the moment it's still a working draft. I did see some screenshots a while back and it did seem to be progressing extremely well, so let's hope it's ready not too long after the spec is finalised.

#3 Great.

by leafdigital

Thursday April 13th, 2000 10:35 AM

That's good news (that you saw hopeful screenshots)... if it really can be finished not long after the spec is finalised, that'll be very impressive.

I really hope we can begin to rely on SVG support soon in the latest versions of both major browsers, and although this can already be done by plugins, the format will gain one hell of a credibility boost if it works natively in at least one of the browsers.

Thanks for the info.


#12 Re: Great.

by basic

Sunday April 16th, 2000 9:51 PM

Funny that Mozillazine and Mozilla have not announced it. Here is a link to the SVG project

#4 6 months from first beta!

by pbreit

Thursday April 13th, 2000 10:37 AM

looks like netscape will be pressed to make it out in 2000!

did appreciate recognition finally that e-mail, news, composer and skins made it "far more" difficult.

#8 Re: 6 months from first beta!

by MattyT

Thursday April 13th, 2000 6:27 PM

As for skins, this fell out of XUL, and the point here is that you have to invest effort up front to save time later and be better off in the long run.

As for email, news and composer, are you a programmer? Do you know anything about what happens when you place too many programmers on a project? Especially when many have experience on developing these things rather than a browser? Or when you develop an architecture with only one application based on it?

#5 mozilla.organs?

by wtmcgee

Thursday April 13th, 2000 11:37 AM


#6 No the best interview

by jamienk

Thursday April 13th, 2000 1:05 PM

I think I could've done better answering questions. They didn't have their hearts in it, and now is the exact time that they should.

#7 Re: No the best interview

by fresh

Thursday April 13th, 2000 6:06 PM

I wrote the article... the reason why some of the answers were so "stable" is because the interview was directly with the engineers, not public relations people. They were much more restricted with what they could say.

Also, Eric Krock sure had his heart in it! Just read the last paragraph :)


#9 Offtopic: XUL and NeoPlanet

by basic

Friday April 14th, 2000 7:55 PM

Now that Moz is more stable, I'm starting to wonder what NeoPlanet is thinking about Moz again. Previously they were interested in embedding Moz in NeoPlanet. But it looks like with XUL NeoPlanet might have to change their stratagy...

Any comments? Will XUL be a problem for neoplanet? Will they have to embrace it? Or is XUL not good enough?

#10 Re: Offtopic: XUL and NeoPlanet

by damian

Sunday April 16th, 2000 12:14 PM

Mozilla was designed such that the rendering engine is seperate from the user interface, and can be embedded in a program. This means Neoplanet can embed the rendering engine without having to use XUL, they could give it a native interface with native widgets if they want. It's already been done by the GNOME project for Linux which is going to embed the Mozilla engine as a viewing component for their new file manager.

Go Mozilla!

#11 Re: Re: Offtopic: XUL and NeoPlanet

by basic

Sunday April 16th, 2000 9:37 PM

Yes, I understand that Mozilla can run with native UI, but I'm wondering about the impact XUL will have on companies like NeoPlanet...