More Pics From the Last Week

Wednesday April 12th, 2000

Dawn Endico has put up some pics from the anniversary party on the website. I'm there, 2nd page, Waterson's there, as are cyeh, mitchell, meep, jar, kofy brown, waquar, sdagley, dmose, and bob lord.

Ryuzi also had some great pics from the Mozilla Developer Meeting in Japan. First, a giant wall-sized screenshot that participants tagged. Notice that the skin has been localized! Here's a comparison of the English and Japanese versions of the current Mozilla skin. Finally, a screenshot of a Star Trek themed Mozilla.

#6 UGLY!!!!

by Dan6992

Thursday April 13th, 2000 12:22 PM

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I thought the default skin was bad, but that thing is hidious!!! I can't believe anyone would even waste the time to come up with something like that.