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Tuesday April 11th, 2000

I have decided to put my own head on the chopping block and weigh in on the Mozilla skins and native widgets debate. To read more, click "Full Article" below.

#86 I'm sure they're glad I don't develop. ;)

by jesusX <>

Saturday April 15th, 2000 10:33 PM

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"This philosophy is WHY Mac users are glad JesuX does't develop for that platform."

That makes them and me. =-] I don't like the Mac platform, yes, but it does have it's good points. But the users, to me, are not one of those good points.

I feel that a small difference in a UI should not be a big deal. Obviously, it is to a large number of people, BUT, only when they choose it to be. Altavista and Lycos use an image, not a button, to submit a search. Yahoo uses a button, but people figure it out just fine. I think the difficulty in using a changed UI is not in the UI, but in the fact that the user is afraid to think, when they feel should shouldn't have to,. And yet, they manage with a dizzying array of different UIs on web sites, just fine. It just seems silly to me.

Did I mention that I generally prefer text based interfaces also? That shows how much I care about a pretty UI. :)