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Tuesday April 11th, 2000

I have decided to put my own head on the chopping block and weigh in on the Mozilla skins and native widgets debate. To read more, click "Full Article" below.

#6 Re: A new OS has born

by Tekhir

Tuesday April 11th, 2000 8:31 PM

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"I don't want to give up functionality just for some nice web-integrated look. If CSS requires that (I didn't check it), the spec is flawed. "

It requires widget to be able to have style applied.

"Apart from that, I think, using native widgets would have saved Mozilla *a lot* of work and bugs in the past and future."

The problem was that it the team was forced to do this then Mozilla would only be for Win32 platform. Which is ok for most people, but Netscape is the only good browser on some platforms. Plus its easier to make International versions of Mozilla now.