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Tuesday April 11th, 2000

I have decided to put my own head on the chopping block and weigh in on the Mozilla skins and native widgets debate. To read more, click "Full Article" below.

#47 No, arrogance is...

by Kovu <>

Wednesday April 12th, 2000 7:17 PM

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Arrogance is a tiny platform like Mac complaining about anything at all. Amiga users still aren't supported by Netscape, THAT's something to bitch about, not a UI issue for a UI that's still not even complete yet. So Netscape does their best to remedy the fact that other platforms arent' supported, making the code as easy to cross platforms as possible so that platforms like Amiga have a prayer of one day having a decent browser, and all Mac users seem to be able to do is bitch that Netscape isn't throwing cross-platform to the wind just so they can spend centuries coding to match Mac's rather uninteresting and definitely yesterday UI. So, what, I should suffer because Netscape has to cater to a few Mac users rather than go cross-platform so that we all see the same thing? THAT's arrogance, I'm afraid.

In any event, did I hear someone say BETA 1? Can you say UNFINISHED SOFTWARE? You can bitch when it's FINISHED and STILL doesn't do what you want. I am confident that by the time it ships, Mac users will be impressed enough to use it QUIETLY, or whatever look they want with easy skinnability.

And as Chris mentioned, no one's stopping you from creating a native wrapper for Mozilla yourself. That's the point of open source. If you don't like it, code it yourself.