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Tuesday April 11th, 2000

I have decided to put my own head on the chopping block and weigh in on the Mozilla skins and native widgets debate. To read more, click "Full Article" below.

#4 kill the superfluous crap

by pbreit

Tuesday April 11th, 2000 8:12 PM

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it's a platform that first and foremost should be a rendering engine (or browser, since that's the term everyone's familiar with). they should have killed the superflous crap that almost noone will use but that has burned an inordinate amount of very precious engineering resources: Editor, News, Email and Skins. they could have had a high performance, lean, stable, standards-compliant browser months ago had they scoped properly.

as for widgets, i would have gone with native since that's what you would do if you were designing for users. since thay have instead designed for developers, i would have borrowed the newest java widgets.