Suck on Skins

Tuesday April 11th, 2000

TheUIGuy wrote in about a article that talks about Mozilla/Netscape 6 and it's skinnability. It takes a very negative view on what we feel is a very positive technology.

Skins allow the user to pick their interface. Packages allow them to extend it. This customization allows anyone to choose how they browse the Web, manage mail, or use any of Mozilla's other applications. The author of the Suck piece, Greg Knauss, seems to feel that choice is bad, because there is the possibility for poorly designed or useless skins. That comes close to saying, "there could be ugly pages on the Web, so shut it down."

Greg also states, "by adding in all the flexibility of XUL, the Mozilla programmers have removed our ability to make the application use the native controls of the operating system." This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of Open Source. The direction Mozilla is taking doesn't prevent anyone from doing anything. The capability to do exactly what Greg wants is right there, in the code sitting on the CVS server, and in the mind and will of someone who needs something done differently. Mozilla might not be doing what you want, but that does not mean that you are prevented from doing it yourself.

(FYI, there are projects for Windows and Linux -- and nothing preventing a Mac project -- for embedding the HTML renderer into a native wrapper application.)

#41 Have all of you lost the meaning of open source?

by kvon

Saturday June 12th, 2004 1:30 AM

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You have knowladge that I can only dream of. And you can sit here and argue over reasources, and if it's needed? Back up alittle and ask yourselves if Skins are what We The Poeple Want? I know that I do. I use IE because I cannot find a way to put my family photos on my tool bar. Hotbar lets me do that. But at the cost of being spyed on. Any and all browesers should have a way built in to add a toolbar skins. Most all of you have the ability to make that happen. But as I saw your all argueing over something that is totally irrelivent to the issue. I'm not as smart as most of you. But I see that Netscape and Mozilla are open source. We all have the right to make it what ever is needed. I'd really like to see Netscape 8.0 having the ability to add the photo of my grand child as the skin on the tool bar. It is the only reason that I use IE. And really to tell the truth I us Windows only be cause it is the only OS that anyone writes progams for almost. I don't care where you go you'll see that 90% of everything is made to run on it. The best software runs on windows. Give me an open sorce OS that well run windows programs. And I well be there and using it. Until then anyone that wants to try Linex is stuck with windows till you that has the knowladge can change it. We The Poeple Need YOU! Stop your fighting amonst eachother and work together to create what everyone needs. An opensorce OS that well run windows programs and not be pleaged by viruses. The virus creaters are after all after MicroSoft. Trying to drive them away from it. And MS is creating it to be vonerable to it also. On Purpus! I agree that MS has done wrong to free interprise. But most of us has not got the knowladge to chage it so we settle for what everyone tell us to. And one other thing that is needed is the ability to assign the swap drive to another drive. The internet browser swap as well as the OS swap. They fragment the OS drive more then anything else does. I have my win swap seperated now. But have not decovered the way to put IE's swap, ie temp on a seperate drive from windows. So this needs to be added into the OS as well as the browser. And any programs should be put on seprate drives or portitions also. I'm running win98. I have the swap on another drive. And it takes me about a half hour to defrag a 8 gig drive once every 2 weeks. And I never crash anymore unless someone gets through my firewall. But I also have everthing cloned on a seperate drive. So then I can just recopy it all to my C drive. Never do I have to warry about reloading drivers or nothing like setting up. Drivers are after all all thats loaded onto my OS's drive. Unless I change my drive configuration. Shortcuts you know. But I never have to argue with hardware, and software to get myself going now. What I'm saying is that all of this should be built into it all. And easy to set up for dummies like me. Screw the resources. Most everone that is buying new rigs are gitting more then a gig of memory. Well atleast for those of them that are buying 64 bit rigs.And I see no reason for even anyone to buy a 32 bit one with under 1gig of RAM. So the issue is not resorces. The issue is if your wanting to contribute to this cause. It's all up to you that have the knowage to help. For those of you that do want to help. Work together and make this happen. And above all stop your winning about it! Do something helpful for the world. Destroy companies like MS and get it done on thier turf. Thats whats gonna take them down. Not viruses. Just pure imagination. YOURS! Get about it we are all waiting and hoping for you all. Where is the new opensorce OS that well run anything thrown into it? Where's the Broweser that well let me dress it up as I want to? That well protect me while I'm on line? that well stop the spyware that is thrown at it, and viruses? You are the true defence that any of us has. Think about it.