Web Standards Project Blasts IE

Monday April 10th, 2000

Luke writes, "The Web Standards Project posted a press release pointing out (and frowning upon) Internet Explorer 5.5's poor standards support. IE still does not fully support CSS1 or HTML 4, and has very poor support for DOM level 1 compared to Mozilla, which is currently very close to full support with only minor bugs left."

You can read more about this at XMLHack, and you can also read MS's position on standards here.

#9 goes for win ie only..

by prawda

Tuesday April 11th, 2000 6:59 PM

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but did you read the "a list apart" article on ie5 for the mac? they really love that one (and for its standards support).. and don't try read that article with moz because the links (to the next page) still don't work upon first click (and the author's home page at <> looks like s*#& with moz).. it may only be "minor bugs" but moz/nc6 doesn't work perfectly yet and there are still quite a few details e.g. even in html4 which are still not implemented.. i think the sectarianism should stop and the standards be supported because, after all: what are all the proprietary techniques good for when i always have to take into consideration that "the other half" will not get to see the results.. (suggested reading: "the dao of the web", also at <>)