Web Standards Project Blasts IE

Monday April 10th, 2000

Luke writes, "The Web Standards Project posted a press release pointing out (and frowning upon) Internet Explorer 5.5's poor standards support. IE still does not fully support CSS1 or HTML 4, and has very poor support for DOM level 1 compared to Mozilla, which is currently very close to full support with only minor bugs left."

You can read more about this at XMLHack, and you can also read MS's position on standards here.

#10 Mozilla & Standards

by basic <>

Tuesday April 11th, 2000 7:17 PM

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Okay, IE5.5 didn't look too good in beta, but will Mozilla look any better?

What is the status for HTML 4, DOM 1 and CSS 1 (bugs included) for Moz?

I'm not doubting that Moz can deliver, but it really would be nice to see some indicator of how much of these standards does Moz really support currently.