Mozillation, RDF and the Semantic Web

Sunday April 9th, 2000

Geoff Chappell has posted an update to the W3C's RDF Interest Group updating us on the Mozillation 'Enabling Inferencing' project. Mozillation builds on Mozilla's use of W3C RDF by providing drop-in logic/inference/query support, exposing the SWI-Prolog system as an RDF datasource.

Potential applications include inter-schema mappings, complex reasoning about user preferences and profiles (e.g. PICS rules, P3P, etc.), fancy email filtering capabilities, and much more! This currently works in M14 and the Netscape 6 prerelease. Win32 only right now; other platforms need further work, since SWI-Prolog is native code.

#1 more info on getting running in Netscape 6 PR1

by danbri

Monday April 10th, 2000 4:56 AM

A quick note for folks trying Mozillation...

It seems that if you run the Mozillation addon in Mozilla M14, you'll get a dialog box asking for permission to run external code. In Netscape 6-PR1 they seem to have disabled this, resulting in silent failure. So while the code runs in NS6-PR1, one workaround to get it running is to first go through the permission hoopla using Mozilla M14. Thanks to Geoff Chapel for figuring this out when I ran into problems.

Alternatively, if someone can figure out the change that doing this makes, we can post a HOWTO clarification for NS6-PR1 users who haven't installed M14.

BTW see this related article on DAML and RDF from PCWEEK,4153,2432538,00.html