Notes From San Francisco

Saturday April 8th, 2000

You may have noticed that the site hasn't been updated in the past few days. Kerz and I are in San Francisco, at the Anniversary party and the Developer meeting yesterday. I'll be doing up a full report upon my return, but for now, if you were at the party or the developer meeting, give us your impressions. Remember, if you were at the meeting, the conversations were open and "off the record", so use some discretion when discussing what you heard.

Well, I'm off to meet with some folks to tool around the city...

#7 Explanation

by mozineAdmin

Saturday April 8th, 2000 4:55 PM

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Keping things "off the record" does not mean that ideas and opinions aren't being shared and distributed - it's simply respect for people's privacy. If you wanted to quote someone, you went and asked them for a quote. It's important to realize that not everyone wants to be quoted, or quoted out of context.

That said, these discussions were very informal, and in order to promote an exchange of ideas, people had to feel free enough to express opinions without the fear of a press hound taking what they said out of context.

I made the "off the record" comment so people posting impressions of the event would show some regard for the people who were there. Remember, in this day and age, forum posts are used more and more as "source" in articles by major news organizations. I think it's important that we keep this in mind, and try to hold on to some ethical standards, especially when our comments (and the comments of others, which me may "report" in a forum) may be used by journalists who lack those same ethical standards.