Problems with Netscape 6?

Wednesday April 5th, 2000

We felt one of the items in the previous article's talkback forum was important enough to mention here. Asa Doltzer writes:

"Mozilla testers should continue to report bugs to Bugzilla. Netscape 6.0 PR1 testers should not report bugs to Bugzilla. Users of Netscape 6 can at any time open the Help menu and choose Feedback Center to fill out a Feedback form. This form will be submitted to Netscape rather than Mozilla. I repeat, please do not submit bugs you discover in the preview release of the Netscape browser to Bugzilla, use Help -> Feedback Center. "

This is something very important to remember, as Netscape 6 bugs could be because of Netscape branding, and thus do not apply to Mozilla, or the bugs may have been already fixed in the current Mozilla nightlies.

#6 Netscape, Mozilla and Open Source

by feel

Thursday April 6th, 2000 9:11 AM

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I guest that the distinction between the too identity are not enough made, it should be more said that Mozilla is a different project then Netscape. I think that we have here a little mystake. Netscape is using the Mozilla browser like any other company can(could) do it, even if the most of the developper are working for Netscape it should be clear, now I'm sure that they are more developper working on Netscape then on Mozilla (who are paid by Netscape). And don't put the same UI in both of them, it's to much easy for people to put them together, to link them.

Just my 2 cents.