Problems with Netscape 6?

Wednesday April 5th, 2000

We felt one of the items in the previous article's talkback forum was important enough to mention here. Asa Doltzer writes:

"Mozilla testers should continue to report bugs to Bugzilla. Netscape 6.0 PR1 testers should not report bugs to Bugzilla. Users of Netscape 6 can at any time open the Help menu and choose Feedback Center to fill out a Feedback form. This form will be submitted to Netscape rather than Mozilla. I repeat, please do not submit bugs you discover in the preview release of the Netscape browser to Bugzilla, use Help -> Feedback Center. "

This is something very important to remember, as Netscape 6 bugs could be because of Netscape branding, and thus do not apply to Mozilla, or the bugs may have been already fixed in the current Mozilla nightlies.

#38 Skins and NS6PR1

by kmansfield <>

Tuesday April 11th, 2000 7:38 PM

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When I try to start NS6 (under Windows 98)with another skin most of the time NS6 freezes and I have to use ctrl/alt/delete to close the program. Only once have has NS6 started succesfully with a different skin. Is this a common problem?