Netscape 6 Debuts Tomorrow

Tuesday April 4th, 2000

Steve Case of AOL will be at InternetWorld tomorrow launching the latest version of Netscape's browser suite, Netscape 6. This might seem an anticlimactic followup to the leaked version that appeared a few days ago, but it will be one more thing to celebrate at the anniversary party on the 6th.

UPDATE: You can watch the webcast tomorrow at the AOL corporate site.

#9 UI Clarification

by Ben_Goodger

Tuesday April 4th, 2000 2:45 PM

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A lot of people say "The UI sucks" or equivalent. Please be specific. Its not so much the UI that sucks (well it does in some, but definitly not all areas) - it is the skin that people dislike.

A few points to note about the current skin:

- it is XP. It works 'properly' on Windows, Mac and unix - it runs in 256 colours on Windows at least (not tried Mac or unix) but I am told that it was designed using the web safety colour palette.

Some people want to use system colours, but system colours only work properly on windows (look at the CSS2 spec, and you'll see why).

Some people want a nicer looking 'conservative' look, or a nicer looking 'cool' look, regardless of colour choice: note that the colours required to do this would probably be outside the web safe colour palette. A great deal of thought has been put into colour choice in this skin to ensure the best possible appearance given the limitations. The best you could do would be to shift the colour choice to something else.. like reds, or yellows, or greens, and choose a different design for the buttons etc, which are, IMO as good as any.

Given the limitations, I think the current skin does pretty well. I still want my system colour 'classic' look on Windows, but I understand that it is not the best XP, XDepth solution.