Netscape 6 Debuts Tomorrow

Tuesday April 4th, 2000

Steve Case of AOL will be at InternetWorld tomorrow launching the latest version of Netscape's browser suite, Netscape 6. This might seem an anticlimactic followup to the leaked version that appeared a few days ago, but it will be one more thing to celebrate at the anniversary party on the 6th.

UPDATE: You can watch the webcast tomorrow at the AOL corporate site.

#50 Re: Re: UI Clarification

by Ben_Goodger

Wednesday April 5th, 2000 3:41 AM

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(XP) - we care. we care because we want to get something out there soon. we'll tidy this up later. I plan on making a system colour skin for windows, and a mac variant that uses mac colours, etc.

(MAC USER) - given our current mac performance in recent builds, I dont think it'll be the /ui/ that drives mac users to IE ;)

(SYSTEM COLOURS) - [someone correct me if I'm wrong] - system colours are grabbed from the system and then displayed as the literal RGB value. hence the colour then gets the same brutalizing treatment webpage content gets.