Netscape 6 Debuts Tomorrow

Tuesday April 4th, 2000

Steve Case of AOL will be at InternetWorld tomorrow launching the latest version of Netscape's browser suite, Netscape 6. This might seem an anticlimactic followup to the leaked version that appeared a few days ago, but it will be one more thing to celebrate at the anniversary party on the 6th.

UPDATE: You can watch the webcast tomorrow at the AOL corporate site.

#38 Re: Is there anything uglier than the UI?

by groovestar

Tuesday April 4th, 2000 11:04 PM

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Why does everyone hate the default skin so very much? It's sleek, simple, and easy to use. The purpose of each of the buttons is obvious and there are not so many as to become confusing. The whole thing is nicely non-cluttered. And the throbber simply looks good. Even the sidebar is useful, though it's continual misbehaviour is a pain. Contrast this to IE where all of the buttons fade to grey and thus become less than easy to distinguish between, while lending the whole thing a rather bland look. It is annoyingly cluttered, with several rather useless buttons adding to the confusion.

The only complaints I can bring to bear on the current skin is the lack of a nice big bookmarks button next to the navigation controls, and the kind of tacked-on look of the Windows bar and menus at the top.

Will somebody please explain to me WHY they believe that "the Mozilla UI sux!"