Full Article Attached Microsoft Violated Sherman Antitrust Act

Monday April 3rd, 2000

In his ruling today, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson found Microsoft in violation of the Sherman Antritrust Act, stating that "The Court concludes that Microsoft maintained its monopoly power by anticompetitive means and attempted to monopolize the Web browser market".

Microsoft's problem was that they had lost all credibility with the judge, and thus he had no option but to side with the facts presented by the government.

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Here's a link to the ruling. Click "Full Article" below for some of our own excerpts. More to come, as we go over the ruling in more detail.

#54 What's the point?

by k3davis

Tuesday April 4th, 2000 6:47 PM

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This whole thing means next to nothing for MS. They could have settled, but it wasn't in their interest to do so. After 2-3 years of appeal and a few million dollar lawsuits, they are still the holder of nearly all standard operating systems, and will continue to get rich, stay rich, be rich.

A company of that size laughs at things like this. I hardly see how this will affect anything at all in the long run.

Microsoft stock still rated at "BUY" by most investor groups. Get it while it's cheap.

- a un*x user ;-)