Full Article Attached Microsoft Violated Sherman Antitrust Act

Monday April 3rd, 2000

In his ruling today, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson found Microsoft in violation of the Sherman Antritrust Act, stating that "The Court concludes that Microsoft maintained its monopoly power by anticompetitive means and attempted to monopolize the Web browser market".

Microsoft's problem was that they had lost all credibility with the judge, and thus he had no option but to side with the facts presented by the government.

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Here's a link to the ruling. Click "Full Article" below for some of our own excerpts. More to come, as we go over the ruling in more detail.

#42 Re: Ok for others to give away stuff, but not MS?

by FrodoB

Tuesday April 4th, 2000 9:29 AM

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If what you say was the entire story, there's no problem. It would be wrong to complain about standard libraries on an operating system.

But that's not the whole story. The difference between Windows and Linux (distroes; Linux itself is JUST the kernel and the drivers) in standard libraries is that it's possible to switch libraries transparently on Linux. is not integrated into Linux the same way that IE is integrated into Windows. IE is installed into explorer.exe, and takes over the entire interface, making it impossible to uninstall IE at all. is just a library that isn't mission critical to operation of the OS. Sure, it's nice for apps, but a large body of people can function without it. Apache can be uninstalled and replaced. Java's HTML component is only loaded into memory if you specifically want it; I work on Jazilla, which uses a renderer independent of Sun's standard one and that never loads the latter into memory. I'd have no problem with IE's DLLs being bundled if they were JUST standard DLLs (addons to a core), but MS chose to make them totally replace the UI, with no recourse if they fail to do the job they're asked to do. THAT'S the difference between IE and Windows and standard things installed with distroes with Linux.