Microsoft Ruling to Come Today

Monday April 3rd, 2000

The Associated Press is reporting that Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson will issue a ruling in the Microsoft anititrust suit after the financial markets close today. The notice of the ruling follows the failure of settlement talks mediated by Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago.

It's fair to consider Mozilla an indirect consequence of Microsoft's actions in the browser space. So, I have a hypothetical question to pose to you. What do you think the browser situation would look like today if Mozilla wasn't made Open Source -- if Netscape had held onto their code and produced it without outside help? What would the last two years have been like? Where would the browsers be today?

#13 What should happen now is...

by ERICmurphy <>

Monday April 3rd, 2000 3:29 PM

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I really do believe that Mozilla has the best future working with and optimized for alternative platforms, such as Linux and BeOS.

People could even build Mozilla into a Linux GUI or the recently opened BeOS GUI. Say what you want, but integration can be a good thing, if it is done right. As far as I am concerned, Windows/IE is only halfway there.

The Internet is here to stay, it is time to have our OSes and apps work with it 100%.

Should this be the next BIG Mozilla project? I think so, and it would also bring other organizations into the fold, maybe GNOME, KDE, Be, etc.

What do you think?