Microsoft Ruling to Come Today

Monday April 3rd, 2000

The Associated Press is reporting that Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson will issue a ruling in the Microsoft anititrust suit after the financial markets close today. The notice of the ruling follows the failure of settlement talks mediated by Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago.

It's fair to consider Mozilla an indirect consequence of Microsoft's actions in the browser space. So, I have a hypothetical question to pose to you. What do you think the browser situation would look like today if Mozilla wasn't made Open Source -- if Netscape had held onto their code and produced it without outside help? What would the last two years have been like? Where would the browsers be today?

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by generaltao

Monday April 3rd, 2000 12:02 PM

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I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but if Netscape hadn't opened up the code and let the Mozilla project take over, we'd probably have a much better Netscape option right now, and Netscape's market share would not have dwindled so much. That's not to say Moz won't have a huge effect on the playing field in the near future, but the question was "where would we be today". The answer, in my honest opinion, is that we'd be farther along in browser technologies.