Nightly NGLayout Builds Started!!!

Thursday October 8th, 1998

Nightly NGLayout builds are now available! Soon I'll have a link in the fetchBuilds section, but for now click here. For the moment this build is for Win32 only.

When you get it, extract it with a program like WinZip, and run viewer.exe. This is a very rudimentary browser framework that will allow you to test the new engine. As always, mozillaZine encourages you to file bug reports! But please check to see if the bug has already been filed before submitting it.

Standard pre-alpha warnings apply. We're not (and is not) responsible for any problems that may affect your machine as a result of downloading and running this build. You have now been warned!

#1 Re:Nightly NGLayout Builds Started!!!

by Scott

Tuesday October 13th, 1998 11:59 PM

When will the actual .dll file be avilable for download? I mean isn't there supposed to be a MozillaControl.dll file, like an ActiveX wrapper, available for use in place of the IE WebBrowser control?

I am curious about where I can find a binary of that so that it may be tested. Anyone have any ideas?