Happy Anniversary, Moz!!!

Friday March 31st, 2000

It was two years ago today that the original bits were pushed to the ftp servers, and Mozilla officially became Open Source. Two years later, and there's little left of that original distribution in the current Moz, but we're still quite fond of him. Don't forget, the anniversary party is next Thursday (April 6), and the Developer Meeting the next day!

#8 Re: about:mozilla

by spacecow <>

Monday April 3rd, 2000 12:16 AM

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Does anyone know about the page he is talking about <…rces/content/mozilla.html> . It isn't anything like the old one, but the owner, <>, says that it was ripped from the classic, but as far as I can tell, the classic contains the previous "cloud of vengeance" like from 12:10, where as this one contains 3:31 from the red letter edition.

My question is, who is Mammon and who are his (or her) followers? Is this MS or IE? Mammon (which is the Judeo-Christian word for "money" and is generally used in the bible as an idol) isn't in the previous passage. However, mammon is close to the "enemy" of moz, if software has enemies. Of course, on the other hand, said enemy is pretty much free, so it's more of a lust for power than greed for money. Hmm, where might the rest of the book of mozilla be?