Happy Anniversary, Moz!!!

Friday March 31st, 2000

It was two years ago today that the original bits were pushed to the ftp servers, and Mozilla officially became Open Source. Two years later, and there's little left of that original distribution in the current Moz, but we're still quite fond of him. Don't forget, the anniversary party is next Thursday (April 6), and the Developer Meeting the next day!

#5 The beast shall come...

by KaiRo <>

Saturday April 1st, 2000 11:04 AM

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Following the project since M5, I'm very proud to be grown into being a l10n contributor. Happy Anniversary to the lizard and the best wishes to fullfill the prophecy of "The Book Of Mozilla 12:10" which we hopefully all know. (about:mozilla --> "The beast shall come...", see above) This project is not simply about another browser, it's about THE browser, THE "web-machine" and THE XP-Toolkit of the future.

Mozilla rocks! boldly go where no browser has gone before...