Reminder: the Code Rush documentary is on tonight!

Thursday March 30th, 2000

Tonight at 10pm PBS is airing the "Code Rush" documentary, which follows Mozilla's first year of development. Check your local listings for times in your area.

You can get more info at the Code Rush website and at

#11 the video

by megaloB <>

Friday March 31st, 2000 1:49 AM

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I really liked this documentary and it had some really good bits, but the thing that really gets me is not any of the actual content which I now have sitting on a crappy tape on extended play mode but that I can't order a DVD of it. I know this is a fickle thing and detracts nothing from seeing the actual movie, but you would think PBS could make DVD's and charge $40 for them or something.

I would gladly pay. It was cool to see all the stuff that went on and to see the environment at netscape and the bit about pavlov was really interesting, but it was missing a sense of closure. It was kind of like the ending of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, albeit it made much more sense.