Great Piece on Mozilla and XML at

Thursday March 30th, 2000

Simon St. Laurent has written a wonderful piece on Mozilla's XML capabilities for In it, Simon shows examples of how to style an XML document using CSS, gives an introduction to the CSS2 "display" property, and shows how to use Mozilla's XLink support to incorporate linked images into a styled XML page. He states at the beginning of the piece that "Mozilla's emphasis on standards-orientation makes its implementation of XML a real pleasure to work with." I'm sure others will soon be coming to this same conclusion.

#1 Microsoft Enhaced XUL!!!

by hleal

Thursday March 30th, 2000 12:20 PM

Yesterday had a bad dream about Micro$oft embracing and extending XUL with: COM accesability extensions DirectX graphics Active Directory enabled policy XUL's Native OCX XUL's And things like that...

So the question is: Is there any way to prevent this? What do you think?