Great Article On Cross-Browser DHTML

Wednesday March 29th, 2000

Shelley Powers has written in with some notes on her new article, "X-Objects: X-DOM,X-Browser,X-Version Objects". Shelley writes, "Since Dynamic HTML was first introduced in 1997, I've always provided code that allows DHTML to be used with the two most popular browsers: Netscape's Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. To make cross-browser DHTML easier to work with, I created a set of cross-browser objects, which I've used for all of my DHTML effects.

Now that the beta release of Navigator 6.0 is on the horizon, it's time to take a look at the cross-browser objects and see what needs to change to support the new Navigator version. In the process, we'll find out that not only are we now handling cross-browser and cross-version differences, we're also handling cross-DOM implementations."

This article is well worth the read, especially if you're interested in maintaining some DHTML backward compatibility.

#1 Looks good

by Tekhir

Wednesday March 29th, 2000 7:38 AM

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Didn't get a chance to read too much, but it looks good. I'm surprise more people dont make libraries for this stuff. JavaScript code can get pretty large after a while, especially with ever browser version.