MozillaZine is Proud to Announce Affiliation with O'Reilly Network

Tuesday March 28th, 2000

We're happy to announce that MozillaZine is now an affiliate on the O'Reilly Network. You can read more details here.

The O'Reilly Network is home to great sites such as, Apache Week and We feel priveleged to be a part of such a group, and we're glad that O'Reilly sees the potential for Mozilla that we all see.

We look forward to working with O'Reilly to better promote Mozilla, and we hope you stick around to help Mozilla, too!

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by Tekhir

Tuesday March 28th, 2000 9:34 PM

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MZ has been THE major news outlet for mozilla these past few years. I visit the site all the time to catch up on mozilla news. Especially newsgroups I dont frequent like the security one.