Weekend Discussion

Friday March 24th, 2000

Time for another weekend discussion. The question this weekend:

What do you feel is an appropriate level of integration between a browser and an Operating System? And at the other end of the spectrum, what are your feelings about Mozilla's cross-platform approach?

#91 Part Integration is Important

by alik

Thursday March 30th, 2000 7:35 AM

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Hi, I am not a technical guy, but just someone who really wants Mozilla to kick off because of all the had work people have put into making something so wonderful.

However, we do not live in a perfect world and we have seen many good applications go down the tube, just because they did not do the popular things.

To Sell mozilla idea to people it has to do a lot more than just browse webpages or read e-mails. I work in an ISP and Most browser users do not even know the difference between IE and Netscape. They want ease of use, and better performance. I know this forum is for technical people, but most of internet users do not have the know-how and preferences we have. Therefore, the one of the ideas should be to make thier lives easy and make Mozilla their choice.

Here are a few important points..

1. Stability - It has to be rock hard! If it must crash.. it should do that gracefully.. it should be able to bring back the e-mail i was typing (like Rebecca) and recover the webpages i had open.

2. The Address book - to be honest (and do not kill me on that) I think it should take over the windows address book. It is really annoying to open the browser just to copy an address into my word document. (Also, why can we not have an address book for Mozilla, ICQ, AIM??) This feature should be a Option in Installation.

3. Auto Update - Although I have not used IE a lot, it offers plug-ins much better than Netscape. Instead of telling you to visit a website and download the required plugin, it just asks you if it should download the plug-in. This is much easier for the novice.

4. Non standard HTML tags - I know standards are very importnat to us. But we all know that millions of pages are not made on standards. They have many IE tags which look nice. people like justified text (althought it is more difficult to read), they like Page Transitions.. and these tags are not standards. I think mozilla should be able to show all these pages!! without sacrificing its own quality. I mean if mozilla supports HTML 4.0 to 100%.. why not suppliment this with a few extra tags?? However, if you guys do not thinks that should be the case, make the non standrad HTML tags an option. If the browser comes across a page which has IE specific tags, it should tell the user that the page has these Non standard tags and if the user wants, mozilla can download a small upgarde to show these. Or a little red light in the cornor telling the user, that the page is displayed correctly, but has Non standard HTML.

Guys mozilla is a a great achievement. But it is only the first step. More and more individuals and comapnies should be encouraged to develop things that work with mozilla to make it more powerful. A few of ideas i have are:

a. An Organizer that works with mozilla address book, and maybe shows calander and schedular using Geko.

b. Bookmark manager that can integrate with bookmarks file but can also store my passwords and other information (but this should make sure that no website can upload my bookmarks with password ;-) unless the company that made the software offered an online bookmarks manager with sync facility)

c. etc.....

So integration may not be imporant at OS level (except maybe for address book), but it is importnat at application level. There should be synergy in these. IE may appear to have won the browser battle. But that was only A battle. This war has many fronts.. I hope mozilla wins the WAR!

And last but not least. Many thanks to all of you who made this happen!

Ali K