Weekend Discussion

Friday March 24th, 2000

Time for another weekend discussion. The question this weekend:

What do you feel is an appropriate level of integration between a browser and an Operating System? And at the other end of the spectrum, what are your feelings about Mozilla's cross-platform approach?

#72 True... but...

by Silverthorn <>

Monday March 27th, 2000 3:26 PM

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What you say makes sense. Perhaps I'm being too optomistic, and of course I very much doubt the candy-colored interface part of things would go in a windows version, etc.

But still, I have some hope. They seem to be raving about the new Tasman rendering engine. That seems to be a direct attempt to compete with the Gecko engine in Mozilla.

I can see creating the interface and everything, but I can't see them expending all that effort on a new rendering engine just for the Mac. As you said it isn't THAT big of a market.

I'm hoping that they'll stick Tasman into the windows version eventually. If they already have it written, seems like it'd be the sensible thing for them to do. They could put a lot of hoopla into it...

They yell about Tasman over here:


But as you said, we'll have to wait to see exactly how compliant it really is before even speculating about if it'll reach over into the windows platform...