Weekend Discussion

Friday March 24th, 2000

Time for another weekend discussion. The question this weekend:

What do you feel is an appropriate level of integration between a browser and an Operating System? And at the other end of the spectrum, what are your feelings about Mozilla's cross-platform approach?

#23 Umm...

by luge

Saturday March 25th, 2000 4:50 PM

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I don't need an "Operating Environment." I have one of those, and I'm quite happy with it. In fact, lots of people have "Operating Environments," and most of them are either a) quite happy with their "environments" or b) too lazy to learn a new "environment." <BR>What I need (and what Mozilla needs to provide) is a web browser, because my current one stinks. If Mozilla insists on forcing people to learn new things (or throw away perfectly good old ones) just so that they can browse, it is going to fail and fail miserably, no matter how good a piece of software it is. Worse, if it throws away time and effort on becoming an "environment," it's not only going to fail commercially- it's going to be failed software, because it'll be a cool "environment" but a bad browser-unstable and unsupported. <BR>Look, I understand the need to be revolutionary. But if this organization is going to be so fixated on revolution that it tries to force people to use software they don't want, guess what? They aren't going to use it. And that would be sad... <BR>luge