Weekend Discussion

Friday March 24th, 2000

Time for another weekend discussion. The question this weekend:

What do you feel is an appropriate level of integration between a browser and an Operating System? And at the other end of the spectrum, what are your feelings about Mozilla's cross-platform approach?

#2 Cross-platform is great, but...

by luge

Friday March 24th, 2000 9:51 PM

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Two big things: 1) Mozilla must avoid the temptation to replace the OS. It's great that it does everything, and it does it all cross-platform, but I see a huge emphasis on things that aren't browsing, and that is what Mozilla needs to do first and best. The ability to turn Mozilla into a Zope frontend (for example) or to have it be the interface for all things net (IRC? Come on!) is cool, in an abstract sense, but it doesn't help me browse the web- which is what I want a browser for. 2) More importantly- cross-platform-ability shouldn't interfere with usability. I.e., if I were a mac user, I'd be pissed that my cool double scrolling arrows were available on IE but not on Netscape 6. I'm a Linux user, and it pisses me off that every other app on my system does copy and paste the exact same way, and Mozilla refuses to do that. I mean, in the abstract, it's nice that c&p works the same on all platforms- but in the concrete, it pisses me off <i>every single day</i> that I have to use Alt+C instead of just highlighting. If people are used to their OS, and Mozilla sacrifices that comfort in the name of the cross-platform behavior conformance, then people are going to stick to IE, because it works for them in the way that they expect. Just my two cents...