Mozilla Anniversary Party and Developer Meeting

Thursday March 23rd, 2000

Just a reminder that April 6th is fast approaching, and if you haven't made plans to come to the Mozilla Party 3.0 in San Francisco, time's a'wastin'! Last year 1300 people attended this mega-bash to celebrate Mozilla's anniversary. You wouldn't want to disappoint Mozilla, would you??? Tell all your friends!

The day after the party, sleep in, then join us at the First Mozilla Developer Meeting at the Netscape campus. If you were planning on coming, please RSVP, so they will have an admittance badge for you when you arrive. If you don't RSVP, your life will become much more complicated than it should be the day after a 6 hour, thousand-person-plus party filled with dancing and drink. There will be informal presentations and discussions, and appearances from Mozilla's developers throughout the day.

This is gonna be a great opportunity to meet the people that you've been conversing with over the past year, and a great opportunity to discuss the future of Mozilla.