Major Gecko Announcement!

Monday March 20th, 2000

Dave Hodder writes, "Yahoo has an article on Netscape 6, headed 'Netscape's Revolutionary Gecko Browser Technologies Adopted by IBM, Intel, Liberate, NetObjects, Nokia, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems'. It also mentions Gecko, XUL and AOL TV."

Most of the names on the list shouldn't be a surprise to most Mozilla followers. MozillaZine announced the Nokia/Intel Internet appliance months ago, and there are well known developers from RedHat, Sun, and IBM making major contributions to the codebase.

Interesting, however, is the quote from Mitchell Kertzman, President and CEO of Liberate Technologies. Mitchell states, "Netscape Gecko fits well as a key component of our software, helping us create a better interactive TV experience and resulting in greater success for AOL TV and other partners using the Liberate platform". It looks like Mozilla's reach is going beyond the desktop, beyond the "Internet Appliance" and into the set-top arena.

#4 Set-tops and

by Kovu <>

Monday March 20th, 2000 2:20 PM

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I'd say set-tops are info appliances, if not Internet appliances.

Anyhow, bring on beta. Those who talk about pages looking horrible, remember that many of these are because many pages use old, broken standards and those pages WILL look like crap. The designers will just HAVE to change the HTML or continue to have broken pages. Remember that all previous versions of Netscape were broken, too, meaning that of course they'd be more usable with broken code.

Re: the UI, the Netscape UI will be much different from the current one. It has to be. The fact that the UI hasn't changed at all in appearance since the last time it changed should clue you in to the fact that Netscape is keeping the branded UI under wraps. They certainly aren't going to start in on it at the very last minute, so they must be polishing it up now.

Here's another story at CNET. Aside from the moronic analyst they quote towards the bottom, it's a FAIRLY positive Netscape article.