Major Gecko Announcement!

Monday March 20th, 2000

Dave Hodder writes, "Yahoo has an article on Netscape 6, headed 'Netscape's Revolutionary Gecko Browser Technologies Adopted by IBM, Intel, Liberate, NetObjects, Nokia, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems'. It also mentions Gecko, XUL and AOL TV."

Most of the names on the list shouldn't be a surprise to most Mozilla followers. MozillaZine announced the Nokia/Intel Internet appliance months ago, and there are well known developers from RedHat, Sun, and IBM making major contributions to the codebase.

Interesting, however, is the quote from Mitchell Kertzman, President and CEO of Liberate Technologies. Mitchell states, "Netscape Gecko fits well as a key component of our software, helping us create a better interactive TV experience and resulting in greater success for AOL TV and other partners using the Liberate platform". It looks like Mozilla's reach is going beyond the desktop, beyond the "Internet Appliance" and into the set-top arena.

#37 Re: opera and standards

by rkl

Tuesday March 21st, 2000 5:58 PM

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I haven't looked at Opera 4 beta, but Opera 3.6X is quite nice, despite its silly Win 3.1-style "desktop" (this is a massive user interface mistake !) and the bizarre trait of putting the Location: field at the bottom of the window (is this the only browser in the universe to do this and how come other people never mention this when talking about Opera ?).

However, two drawbacks about Opera:

1. (Obvious) You have to pay for it. With the huge momentum towards the free IE and Mozilla/Netscape, Opera will remain a fringe player whilst you still have to pay for it (our org hosts over 1,000 sites and all the access logs on them have Opera barely registering on them).

2. Opera isn't open source and has nowhere near as cross-platform as Mozilla. Sure, they've had the stop- start "Project Magic" going for a while, but on the UNIX side they're only releasing on Linux at the moment (surprising some of the "biggies" like Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Irix aren't being simul-ported to).

Still, Opera is indeed a nice browser, it's just that it's not significantly enough better (or even *any* better ?) than Mozilla to justify charging for it.