Major Gecko Announcement!

Monday March 20th, 2000

Dave Hodder writes, "Yahoo has an article on Netscape 6, headed 'Netscape's Revolutionary Gecko Browser Technologies Adopted by IBM, Intel, Liberate, NetObjects, Nokia, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems'. It also mentions Gecko, XUL and AOL TV."

Most of the names on the list shouldn't be a surprise to most Mozilla followers. MozillaZine announced the Nokia/Intel Internet appliance months ago, and there are well known developers from RedHat, Sun, and IBM making major contributions to the codebase.

Interesting, however, is the quote from Mitchell Kertzman, President and CEO of Liberate Technologies. Mitchell states, "Netscape Gecko fits well as a key component of our software, helping us create a better interactive TV experience and resulting in greater success for AOL TV and other partners using the Liberate platform". It looks like Mozilla's reach is going beyond the desktop, beyond the "Internet Appliance" and into the set-top arena.

#23 My interpretation...

by sab39

Tuesday March 21st, 2000 8:32 AM

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Disclaimer: I don't work for netscape, or have any inside information other than having been closely following the mailing lists.

Having said that, here's my interpretation of jar's post (which may or may not be the *truth*, but it does seem to be consistent and match all the known facts, including yesterday's Cnet and yahoo articles).

Jar said (as quoted by you):

"4/4 Tree closes for checkpoint validation 4/11(or sooner) Checkpoint ships, and tree reopens 5/2 Tree closes for checkpoint validation 5/9 (or sooner) Checkpoint ships, and tree reopens 5/30 Tree closes for checkpoint validation ... "

"Netscape managers are trying to work on a "feature complete" beta based on the above 5/2 checkpoint closure ..."

Note the distinction between "Checkpoint" and "beta". My interpretation is that these "Checkpoints" are like the existing "Milestones" - so the dates given would perhaps be for M15 and M16, or M16 and M17.

Note too that in a followup posted less than an hour after the original post, Jar clarified that his message was talking about beta2 onwards; so *nothing* in that post can be construed as relating to beta1.

We know that the tree has already been closed, and branched, for Beta1. The progress-2-beta page at <…ones/progress-2-beta.html> seems to target March 31, the Moz anniversary, as the release date for beta1. The "release within 25 days" will be this beta (the article even clarifies later on that it *will* be beta). I imagine the 25 days claim is designed to give them plenty of leeway to "miss" the March 31 anniversary. I can't say whether they're on track to make it or miss it, but it's wise to give themselves some flexibility, given how harsh the media can be on a product perceived to be "late".

The second beta seems likely to be the "feature complete" beta described in jar's post, released sometime in late May (it takes quite a while from when the "checkpoint ships" to when a beta can be released, judging by the beta1 experience). I'm not definitely ruling out a beta inbetween based on the other "checkpoint", but I've seen nothing to indicate that this is planned.

This hypothesis seems to match all the known data points, including the press release on yahoo yesterday and the cnet article based on it; jar's post AND his followup; the progress-2-beta page; comments by netscape people here in MZ such as Dan Veditz' reply in this thread, and a lot of other newsgroup postings that I've seen by other people involved in this process.

Hope this helps (and if a NS person would like to chime in and let me know whether my hypotheses seem to match reality, I'd be very grateful).