Javascript 1.5 Release Candidate

Sunday March 19th, 2000

Robert Ginda wrote in to tell us that Javascript 1.5 is now in the Release Candidate stage. Click here to read the newsgroup announcement.

If you are interested in the Javascript-in-C implementation (aka SpiderMonkey), you can click here to visit the SpiderMonkey page, or click here to download the tarball of the 1.5 RC SpiderMonkey code. Also be sure to check out the C Engine Embedder's Guide.

If you are interested in the Java implementation of the Javascript interpreter (aka Rhino, after the O'Reilly book), click here to visit the Rhino page, and here to download the zipped Rhino 1.5 RC package.

Javascript 1.5 is compliant with ECMA-262 revision 3. To read more, visit's Javascript 1.5 page.

#12 Re: Re: Stand-alone JS-Engine?

by KlausM

Tuesday March 21st, 2000 2:38 AM

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No, I don't meant a version that can be embedded into a browser, server or what ever (so far I understood this concept :-). I meant it as a stand-alone application, like the perl interpreter, e.g. that I can type in my shell:

>js helloworld.js

so that the file "helloworld.js" is loaded and executed, and after execution, the interpreter stops. This not only requires a simple wrapper around the embeddable engine, but also a (portable, system independant) library which gives access to system resources, e.g. file/directory/network access. Maybe this already exists, but I haven't seen anything like. If you know something like, please give me a pointer...