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Friday March 17th, 2000

MozillaZine is proud to announce the "beta introduction" of the ChromeZone, a central site for the distribution of Mozilla skins, packages, add-ons and XUL-related information that we hope will eventually become the showcase for all the new and amazing technologies that Mozilla will foster.

The ChromeZone will eventually have its own home, but during our beta introduction it can be found at

Be sure to stop by and check out our first two submissions, the Aphrodite and FruityGum packages from Alphanumerica. We have forums to discuss the packages, and you can share your opinions through our user rating system. If you're a mozillaZine member, you can use your login and password to post in the chromeZone as well. And if you have your own packages that you would like to distribute to the masses, we have a simple submission form that you can use. We also have a unique updating system which not only will keep a changelog record of your submissions, but will also track user opinion from version to version.

So, stop by and give the ChromeZone a spin. We hope you enjoy it, and we encourage you to participate in its forums and help us build a great new Mozilla community!

brief note about member ids: If you create a new account on mozillaZine expect a day or two before it becomes active in the chromeZone as well (mz and cz are two unique sites that will eventually be residing on different servers, so they don't share the same membership list - I have to migrate over members from mz).

#10 Exxxcellent, Smithers

by danielhill <>

Saturday March 18th, 2000 3:01 AM

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This is a fantastic idea! The only things missing are an automatic installation of skins and the ability to switch between them without restarting Mozilla. And I do believe both of these will be implemented Real Soon Now!

I think skinnability will be one of the most important features to hook people into Mozilla - all the graphic artists and creative peeps will want to design skins - just look at WinAmp. A simple MP3 player made popular by the ability to make it look and feel the way you want it.