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Thursday March 16th, 2000

Christine Begle (cbegle) writes in "The Netscape Beta 1 Branch is a subset of code that is on the tip -- changes that are checked into the branch will also be checked into the tip.

Most of Netscape's QA staff will be focused on the Netscape Beta 1 Branch (nb1b). This means that changes that are checked only onto the tip may not be well-tested unless testers in the mozilla community step up to fill this role."

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UPDATE! - Christine has put up a new doc for those interested in Smoketesting Mozilla. Also for those interested, there are usually folks in #mozillazine or #smoketest on who can help you get started, and give pointers!

#1 we really need help on MacOS !

by cbegle

Monday March 20th, 2000 12:51 PM

Thanks to everyone who responded; I will be posting more info soon.

For smoketesting, we've gotten a good response from people running Win32 and Linux. However, we really need some help from people running MacOS.

If you are on a Macintosh and can help smoketest the daily builds, you can have a big impact on the quality of Mozilla on the Macintosh.

We usually get started around 9:30 - 10AM PST on the #smoketest channel on

For more information, please see this document: