Netscape's Tentative Feature Complete Plans

Thursday March 16th, 2000

Jim Roskind has chimed in with the unofficial word on Netscape's plans for their browser in the months to come. Netscape is hoping to hit a May 2 "Feature Complete" date. The main issue is whether or not Netscape will be forced to "branch" - continue development of their product separately from the main Mozilla development. If that were to happen, it's safe to assume that along with that branch would come a redirecting of Netscape's great QA team to the commercial branch (which means that Mozilla could lose a lot of QA in the meantime). I tend to agree with Jim on this point. I would prefer that Netscape not branch until Mozilla is a bit more stable. Some work, however, still needs to be done to ensure Mozilla's identity apart from Netscape's commercial product (Mozilla can't continue on with Netscape's UI indefinitely). Hopefully something will be worked out where Netscape can continue on without branching for as long as possible, but Mozilla can continue to get improvements that will help it stand on its own. Check out Jim's post, and then tell us what you think.

#12 Re: Get Communicator OUT THE DOOR.

by pbreit

Monday March 20th, 2000 5:48 PM

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i don't think mozilla looks dull enough! it seriously clashes with what it's supposed to just be displaying (i.e., a web site). it completely reinforces that it's stuck in the "application" paradigm rather than the "ubiquitous utility" paradigm. it just continues to "feel too heavy". i want a light, lean, standards-compliant, high performing, stable window into the web. not a bloated application.