Check Out XMLTerm!

Wednesday March 15th, 2000

R. Saravanan writes, "As Mozilla approaches beta, XMLterm finally approaches alpha. Check out the new screenshots at On Linux/Solaris, XMLterm can now be compiled simply by setting the configure option --with-extensions=xmlterm. XMLterm can also be used as a powerful Javascript console (check out a screenshot).

If you are a Linux mozilla user who also uses xterms in some form, please try out the M14-compatible version of the XMLterm binaries, which may be downloaded from here. Remember this is pre-alpha software; so don't delete your xterm binaries just yet! There are still many bugs and unimplemented features, but any feedback on the 'feel' of XMLterm will be appreciated."

#8 Remote xmlterm over telnet/ssh

by sab39

Thursday March 16th, 2000 8:47 AM

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I was thinking about how xmlterm could work remotely if running over telnet or ssh. Specifically, how it would be possible to get the image-viewing capabilities when the images aren't on the local filesystem anymore, so just embedding an <img> tag isn't going to help you.

It occurred to me that this is a perfect use for the data: url scheme. If using xmlterm in remote mode, you could configure xcat so that instead of simply saying <img src="file:my.gif /> it instead embedded <img src="data:image/gif?...[encoded data read from the file]" />

Voila! A true telnet shell with graphical capabilities. (It could do the same thing with html files and websites in case the computer running xmlterm can't contact the machine running the website; thus xcat <> would produce something like <iframe src="data:text/html?..." />

In doing that, you've also made xmlterm useful on non-unix platforms that don't have a shell... win32 doesn't even have a good telnet client, for example!