Mozilla Awards Vote!

Tuesday March 14th, 2000

The nominations have been considered, and the judges have chosen the final four nominees in each category. We provided links to the nominees contributions where available. To proceed to the vote page, click here. We did our best to provide links to users' contributions, but in the case of nominees whose contributions occurred mainly in Bugzilla, we decided against providing links to Bugzilla queries.

You must be a mozillaZine member to vote. The winners will be announced on March 21. Thanks to everyone who participated in the nomination process, and thanks to all of Mozilla's contributors for all the great work over the past year.

#1 Damn

by kerz

Tuesday March 14th, 2000 4:47 PM

It is really hard to choose...

#2 March 21st or 31st?

by gerbilpower

Tuesday March 14th, 2000 6:43 PM

The post says that results will be posted March 21st, but after voting the "Thank you" page says that results will be announced March 31st. So when are we suppose to eagerly await?


#3 Re: March 21st or 31st?

by frankhecker

Tuesday March 14th, 2000 6:55 PM

The correct date is March 21. The intent was to allow a week for voting.

#4 Yes, 21st. I'll fix the code. (n/t)

by mozineAdmin

Tuesday March 14th, 2000 7:09 PM

#5 why have to vote in each catagory

by lubricated

Tuesday March 14th, 2000 8:48 PM

The form should let you not vote in some catagories if you choose to.

#9 Second that idea!

by johnlar

Wednesday March 15th, 2000 8:31 AM

There where some catorgorize where I knew nothing about the choices, and would have prefered to have not been forced to vote randomly

#10 I agree

by thelem

Friday March 17th, 2000 6:35 AM

I wasn't sure who to vote for in the documentation, but I had lots of trouble choosing between Adam Lock and David Hyatt because they have both done such useful work that I am aware of.

I think with any voting thing like this people have to be aware that the most public people will be the most popular/unpopular.

#6 Funny Categories

by mstearne

Tuesday March 14th, 2000 11:26 PM

The category titles are pretty funny. I guess the M Z Clan ain't nothin to **** with!

#7 Shouldn't awards be given when the product ships?

by mtrump

Wednesday March 15th, 2000 1:08 AM

Dear All,

I can't help thinking that issuing awards at this stage is rather like stepping on ants when there are elephants running through the camp. Get the product released, then indulge in self-congratulatory back slapping.

Has anyone else noticed that there are no women in the awards?

Cheers, Matthew

#8 Re: Shouldn't awards be given when the product shi

by frankhecker

Wednesday March 15th, 2000 8:27 AM

Since I pushed for us to do these awards, I'll respond to your question: I felt that even though Mozilla hadn't shipped yet, a lot of good people had done a lot of good work to get us where we are today, and they deserved some recognition. The two-year anniversary is coming up soon, as well as release of the first commercial beta products based on Mozilla (i.e., the Netscape beta), so I thought that now was as good a time as any to recognize people for their help.

On the question of women: Christine Begle was nominated and normally we would have included her. However she is now a member of staff, and we had already decided that staff members were ineligible. That's because staff (along with the MozillaZine folks) were responsible for approving the awards, oversseing operation of them, and deciding prizes.