Final Day For Mozilla Award Nominations!

Monday March 13th, 2000

Today is the final day for Mozilla Award nominations. We've gotten lots of great submissions, but we'd like to see more nominations, especially in the "GhostBug Killah" category. So, if you know of anyone who has submitted quality patches and improvements to Mozilla, be sure to nominate them. To read more about the awards, click here, then visit the forum to post your nominations.

#1 I nominate Pete Collins

by Waldo

Monday March 13th, 2000 12:16 PM

for ODK-

Contributions include a script editor, a new color picker, the Aphrodite chrome, the fruitygum skin, XUL help for those who've needed it and good criticism and discussion that helped get Dave Hyatt to create the XBL language which (thanks to Dave) makes Mozilla even more powerful...


#2 Re: I second Pete Collins

by briank

Tuesday March 14th, 2000 2:39 AM

Go Pete