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Monday March 13th, 2000

We've gotten a few bits of news which we decided to lump together into one news item. First, Jim Bray has written up a doc, "Mozilla on Linux circa 03/10/00", written using Mozilla's "Composer". It details his experiences with the build, and contains some suggestions if you plan on building Moz yourself.

Next, Ruairi Hickey writes in to say that the Mozilla instability problem on Linux SMP systems (bug 21556) seems to have gone away, so give it a spin.

Finally, Sebastian Spaeth writes in to say that the crypto hooks are now in the nightly builds. You still need to grab the PSM package. If you grab it once, on later Mozilla builds you should only have to browse to it on your local drive to get it to work.

#9 Re: Source for PSM

by dveditz

Monday March 13th, 2000 9:14 PM

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Read the cryptO FAQ on <> and <>

Quite a lot of the source is available under mozilla/security, the rest of it won't be available until the RSA patents expire next fall. Meanwhile Netscape has made its version of the same code available as binaries to fill the gap in the interim.