Running A Manila Site? Try Anthem!

Friday March 10th, 2000

Andrew Wooldridge writes, "I am working on a little side project to help teach myself more about XUL, XBL, and XPCOM. It's a project called Anthem which is basically an alternative interface to "Manila" sites. Manila sites are those which allow users to create their own sites and fully adminstrate them via the web. For example the site service.

If you are looking at creating a XUL application you might find some useful code here as well. Anthem is located at

Anthem is a completely separate, non-affiliated, and independant application from Netscape, and primarily is a test-bed for my own learning experiences with XUL."

Be sure to check out the screenshots, as well! Pretty cool!

#2 More acronymical goodness!

by jesusX <>

Friday March 10th, 2000 7:14 PM

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XUL Zuul XBL Zibble XPCOM Zipcom

Zooming Z's with MoZilla! Zowie!