Mozilla Crypto Released for Windows, Linux!

Thursday March 9th, 2000

The first crypto-enabled builds of Mozilla have come online. Currently there are Windows and Linux builds available - a Mac version will be available soon. Enabled in these initial builds are SSL, the Security Advisor, and IMAPS. Signed mail and encrypted mail are not yet implemented.

To try out the PSM (Personal Security Manager), first you need to grab a special version of M14. There are Talkback and no-Talkback versions available for Windows, and Talkback and no-Talkback versions available for Linux. After you have installed this build, run Mozilla and browse to the PSM page at iPlanet. You can get details on the release, as well as any special instructions you may need (and instructions for Linux if you are building the M14 build from scratch). Scroll down the page, and you will see buttons to install the PSM version for your system. Clicking the button will start up the XPI installation routine, and the PSM will be downloaded and installed. After installation, close Mozilla and reopen to use the PSM. You should be able to visit secure websites now, and view the Security Advisor (available from the Tasks menu).

The source code for the PSM has not yet been released. We will let you know when it is.

#14 Works beautifully

by bink

Thursday March 9th, 2000 3:20 PM

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Finally I can use Mozilla as my browser all the time. Starting with the 3rd of March it's been stable enough on my Win2k machine to use as my default browser, but now I don't have to use IE for online banking or ESPN's site. Stability and speed are close to where they need to be, and finally crytpo. Things are starting to look really good.