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Thursday March 9th, 2000

MozillaZine and are proud to be sponsoring the first ever Mozilla Awards. We will be giving awards in five categories, based on nominations and votes from our mozillaZine readers. To read more about the awards, click "Full Article..." below (be sure to read the "fine print" at the end regarding who is not eligible for awards). Then, enter the forum for this article and give us your nominations (you need to be a mz member to participate in our forums. When you nominate, be sure to include the category (you can abbreviate) and the nominee's name in the subject, and in the message body describe why you are nominating them, and provide links to examples if you've got them (no HTML is allowed in our posts; it's best to just place the URLs on lines by themselves). We will accept nominations until the 13th, and the voting will start soon after. Show a contributor how much you appreciate their help on Mozilla!

#52 My nominations: mlefevre, timeless, bz, gerv...

by danielwang <>

Monday May 9th, 2005 9:26 AM

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** Methodical Man/Woman ** mlefevre, timeless: these two have been a long time QA, each having resolved 1000+ bugs as invalid/worksforme/duplicate/fixed, many testcases, and other QA contributors. They are also two of the finest community members: friendly to others, receptive to ideas, and helpful for other new and old contributors Boris Zbarsky (bz) & gerv: some of you might know them as a developer and the licensing dude, but I'm nonimating them for being great QA community leaders. Despite their busy schedule, they are not shy in showing appreciation and they assist new QAs get in the program. Without these two, I'd never have stay this far.

** Inspectah Doc ** R. J. Keller: If he does not deserve this award, I don't know who else does. When Netscape fired most of their Mozilla staff, they also fired every one involved in the Help files. A few contributors attempted to pick up the slack, but due to lack of reviews, the project didn't go anywhere until R. J. Keller came. Without him, the Mozilla Help would still be outdated, and there will be no Firefox Help viewer/documentation and Thunderbird Help.

Gunnar Jurdzik: the owner of the unofficial Mozilla FAQ site. Besides the great help he has provided (through Web site, e-mail, and newsgroups), his site's ad program has also allowed him to donate $$ to m.o. (Gunnar, if this is confidential, sorry)

raiph: the "press" guy of sfx, one of the most active member when m.o. finally began thinking about marketing with the marketing-public mailing list, and one of the writers of the Mozilla 1.0 FAQ.

Jay Garcia: formally Netscape Champion, and now a Mozilla Champion. Owner of the Unofficial Netscape FAQ page. One of the most helpful guys I know of in our Mozilla newsgroups.

David Tenser: creator of the Firefox and Thunderbird Help sites.

** Ol' Dirty Keyboard (ODK) **

bz & gerv

Tristan Nitot: founder of Mozilla Europe

Jesse Ruderman: owner of the Burning Edge, a very helpful site for our testers. He has filed 100+ security bug reports, and his sites also contain many helpful user documentation.

and I would also like to nominate everyone involved in the creation of and MozillaZine. Without you guys, we will never be here :-)