Mozilla Most CSS Compliant Browser

Wednesday March 8th, 2000

According to, Mozilla is currently "the best CSS browser available."

This doesn't mean that the work is done, however. 110 CSS bugs were found in the November 15 1999 build of Mozilla, compared to the next best CSS implementation (IE5, with 155 bugs). We should see those numbers come down in short order as the Mozilla final release approaches.

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by Dan6992

Saturday March 11th, 2000 5:26 PM

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Actually I agree! I only ment the original Communicator had an excuse. 4.5 and higher should atleast have a repaired version of the original implimentation! I actually remember hearing rumors at one time that Netscape was going to fix some of the style problems in 4.5 (and impliment the hover property) when it was first released. However I guess this was a myth. Either that or Netscape decided to abandon the notion of fixing the old layout engine because Mozilla was making such progress with the new one.