Mozilla Most CSS Compliant Browser

Wednesday March 8th, 2000

According to, Mozilla is currently "the best CSS browser available."

This doesn't mean that the work is done, however. 110 CSS bugs were found in the November 15 1999 build of Mozilla, compared to the next best CSS implementation (IE5, with 155 bugs). We should see those numbers come down in short order as the Mozilla final release approaches.

#20 Mozilla Slays IE by a longshot!

by spacecow <>

Thursday March 9th, 2000 9:56 PM

You are replying to this message doesn't know s&^*. They're calling "annoying" bugs the same as full-blown severe f-ups. That's not the best part... the best part is (as SomeSmartAss noticed) the browser with the severe f-ups in CSS is the one that isn't being constantly updated and improved because it's not ready for public consumption. I'd say that the compliance should be on a point scale... 1.0 for full, .5 for buggy/annoying, 0 for screwed up/no support.

Don't give me that pussy crap about "well, some compliance is just as bad as none." This is the WEB, and stuff moves at WEBSPEED. If everyone waited around until all their products were perfect, we'd still be waiting for OS/2. Flaws are a natural part of manufacturing, standards or not (hell, even the standards are flawed... there's big support for media-types but no ability to make an image a border or any postscript-like vector abilities that paged media should have).