Note For Would-Be Chrome Creators

Monday October 5th, 1998

Dave Hyatt of the Mozilla Project writes in with a quick note for all you folks slaving away on chrome projects: "Just dropping a quick note to say that I made a change to the way a toolbar's custom icons are fetched in the configurable chrome. If you have been working on a skin, you'll need to start using the toolbarEnabledIcon, toolbarDisabledIcon, toolbarPressedIcon, and toolbarRolloverIcon properties in place of the smallIcon property in the RDF file. The skin sample (KidZilla) that I released is now broken. :) "

So, consider yourself warned! :)

#1 Re:Note For Would-Be Chrome Creators

by Jason Kersey

Tuesday October 6th, 1998 10:50 AM

I have fixed the MozBin skin to reflect this, as well as update it and add lots of new stuff. Also, the Kidzilla skin on the site has been updated with this new format.